So — we have a new President Elect. That’s good. But despite the President Elect’s noble words about reconciliation — we cannot reconcile now. Furthermore, we mustn’t. There must first come a reckoning.

Too much blood has been spilled. Literally.

A furious Tampa crowd screams at the press, just as Trump intended

If you voted for Donald Trump in 2016, his character should have been obvious at the time, but you may have decided to “take a chance” and hope that there was something more to what you saw. (There wasn’t.). …

XState is a very well written library. It seeks to bring the finite state machine pattern into React applications and, for the most part, does exactly that, and extremely well.

I’ve been using — well, forced to use, really — XState in a professional application in my job. I didn’t agree with the decision at the time, but didn’t have enough hands-on experience to articulate why it was a bad decision, just a gut feeling. Now, having worked with it, I have an idea of the fundimental flaw in it.

XState should never, ever, ever, be used in an actual…

Video: Converting an old code challenge (December 2018) from Redux to Reduxjs/Toolkit

One of the things I’ve found is that a lot of people who decide to use some alternative to Redux (React.Context, MobX, etc.) are doing so because they don’t like how much boilerplate Redux consists of.

Me, I never had much of a problem with Redux boilerplate. Every function was testable, it didn’t have side effects, it was a lot of writing, but it was also really easy to read and reason about.

Additionally, a lot of people who really hate Redux do so because they’ve been put…

As an American, I’m often asked: “Really, in a country with 350 million people, was Trump the best that America could come up with?”

And the answers always the same:

He wasn’t the best that America could come up with. He was the worst that America could come up with. That’s why he won.

But it takes too long to explain this in person. People rarely have the time or inclination, they really just want to say: “ugh” and be done with it. But there is a real answer to why Trump got elected. …

By default, Macintosh computers the APFS filesystem, which is very unix-like but is not case sensitive. Considering that almost all programming languages are case sensitive, and git is certainly case-sensitive, this can create some problems if you ever have to correct incorrect capitalisation in folders or files.

In other words, let’s say that you have a function “game()” in “game/game.js”. Later on, you realise that this function really should be a class, so you rename the file “Game/Game.js”. The APFS file system won’t regard that as a change, so git won’t see it as a change. …

Brian Boyko

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